Thursday, September 18, 2014

Of Random Things

I realized the other day that I miss reading books. After an engaging conversation with someone about the book I am reading and the ones I would like to read I decided to come here and write.

Book am reading now. Or atleast trying to read, given my history of leaving books by a Russian writer mid way. Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina and War and Peace, are some of the only books I left mid way. And am reading Dr Zhivago now. 

So this person asked me why are you reading if you don't like it. First answer was because I don't like to leave anything incomplete. Second answer was a realization that even though am impatient I love these maddeningly slow long winding tales. Am halfway through this book that has the most complicated character names ever written am pretty sure. 

It takes place during the Russian revolution. A decent doctor who is idealistic, loves his wife and falls badly in love with another whimsical girl. They hardly even have scenes together. I should probably stop writing and go read to know what happens.

Books that I want to read if I was not spending all my time writing, are Bourne series. Yes, I haven't read them. And yes I do know that I should read them. I also need to read the Hunger Games. And  I have a faint distaste because it sounds like one of those grown up serious kind of books, but still I should try and give it a try, The Prophet.

Why am I cribbing about not reading? Because when am spending my evenings writing or reading stuff on my forum about my favourite serial (IPK as you should know by now), which is in a very interesting phase, I don't get the time. That sounds like an excuse. From today there has to come out of my 24hours some reading books time.

Yesterday while on the bus I took out my notebook and started to write a new chapter and missed my bus stop. It was the happiest feeling in the world.

Overall though, I cannot even write because after what seems like very long I have an interesting problem in office. One that my mind concentrates upon. And I was surprised to know that my work caught enough of my attention that my thoughts lingered on it even after am out of office. And to write you need to think only about what you are writing. That is why I hate guests vehemently in this phase of my life. Distractions. Completely disastrous to writing. The state of mind where you are at peace with everything else and then consumed by thoughts is what I need. Right, am only writing on a forum, and all this sounds dramatic, still truth is what it is.

Meanwhile I have joined twitter. Written a hindi poem. Driven a car on my own. And my piano teacher thinks am a highly conscientious student. Also worn ghungroo and danced to my hearts content one day. And Shahrukh Khan came in a song I didn't like, but a scene I love.. people dance around and he and Deepika twirl together in slow motion without taking their eyes off each other.. musafir hun main door ka..deewana hun main dhoop ka..

And back here my headache that has lasted since the past 12 hours has vanished.

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