Saturday, January 24, 2015

Random thoughts on The Vampire Diaries

Many times I want to write desperately, but keep putting it off waiting for the right words. This is an attempt at spontaneity.

Well, Vampire Diaries most definitely embodies spontaneity. 

In a mere 40mins there is such a lot that happens. People get killed, some remain dead, some not so dead. People fall in love and then are compelled to forget. There are vampires, werewolves, witches.

And then of course there is Damon Salvatore with his looks and one liners

Specially in the first few seasons the plot twists and turns and exceptionally fast pace is thrilling. Just when you think there is no hope, in waltzs a new character, and right when you think everyone will be walking off into the sunset with a happy ending, in comes another danger.

** Vampire Diaries upto season 4 spoilers ahead**

Who knew the cheer leading captain, bossy childish Caroline could be such a gentle hearted loving vampire? One can actually grow to not only stop hating, but begrudgingly respecting an original (and the story of these first generation vampires was intriguing and beyond interesting), Elijah the honorable and charming vampire. Younger brothers can turn into good looking smart almost grown ups. 

However many times Damon makes a mess of things your heart still gushes seeing him on screen and he is as easily forgiven. Specially when he can have scenes talking as sardonic as ever to a dead best friend that almost make you choke back tears... Hey Damon does order an extra drink and keep a place next to him at the bar for his dead friend..Alaric Saltzman another excellent character.. and this is the reckless Damon who is doing something so sweet, can you blame me for feeling moved?

Then there are the love triangles where you like everyone and you can't say who should get whom and who is meant to be with whom. 

Of course Elena chooses Stefan over Damon.  And aarwen just had to run to lazywiz wailing that it is so wrong a choice. And the look in Damon's eyes. I was sobbing literally. How wrong, not that Stephan is a bad guy. In fact he is one of the best guys and yet there is something about Damon.

Before reaching this decisions Elena says when she is with Damon the feeling consumes him. It was then I could already feel the tear drops prickling in my eyes.

Anyway, having made her decision Elena calls up Damon and says words to this effect.. if only she had met the wrong brother, read Damon, before meeting the right one, read Stephan, things might have been different.. 

A few minutes later Damon lay dying and a flashback reveals she did meet him earlier, only he made her forget, because he does these stupid things without really thinking. 

In the flashback that we got to see, this is what he said to her... "You want a love that consumes you. You want passion and adventure..and even a little danger".. in their very first meeting, the first time he laid eyes on her this is what he told her.

Sigh isn't that what we all want too?

I was here crying, Damon was dying and before you knew it Elena's car went hurtling into the lake over a bridge. She was dead.

Cliff hanger.. yup.. just an example of how unpredictable things can be on a regular day at Mystic Falls or rather in the Vampire Diaries universe.

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