Sunday, August 2, 2015

Internet friends, college friends and best friend

All day long I was miserable and quite literally drove Lazywiz crazy with my dejection because I could not write. I had to write. I was desperate to write, but I could not find inspiration.

Then at midnight as I was watching Season 5 Episode 18 of Gray's anatomy titled Stand By Me I suddenly found a reason to post this. A man with a beastlike shell of a face awaits to have his face reconstructed by plastic surgery. He needs to get proper post op care and has no family. So guess who show up to help him out?

His internet friends. They have chatted all through these years about their mutual passion around orchids. And these friends have flown out from different place to Seattle to be with him.

I haven't met my internet friends, but they are part of me now. An Indian TV serial an online forum would lead me to writing and becoming friends with a group of people I have not seen face to face, but who are part of me everyday. And Indi di .. an important reason I write and continue to write. My friends... 

Of course there are those 5 college friends and 2 school friends. On whats app and gmail who are still the ones that make me want to talk and never fail to bring a smile and exhale a sigh.

This episode also has McDreamy all teary eyed and sad. He is broken and doubting himself, but I hope it is a happy ending. I really like him. And I love him and Meredith together. 

Just they way he looks at her. Actually, his wistful look as he stares at anyone, the fact that he is slighter older mature but still a romantic and the fact that he is intelligent and capable makes him irresistible.

And finally since am writing I am no longer tense and upset. All in all a good day. 

Today is friendships day. Just another day when I got a hundred and more reasons to know am lucky to be living with my best friend. Happy friendship's day my lazywiz! 

I was intelligent that very first day in college when I decide I would follow you whichever corridor you lead me to.

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