Sunday, October 5, 2014

A dash of spice and everything that is nice Part 1

Doesn't the title of this post sound lovely? I am pretty sure I am stealing this from the title song of powerpuff girls.

Is that allowed? One never really knows in this time and age. You try and make a video (calling VM in more knowledgable circles) of scenes from your favourite TV show (and mine just happens to be Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon), and if you end up using a song from a music company that keeps its eyes open or rather ears, your video most likely will get blocked from youtube on grounds of copyright infringement.

Did I want to benefit from the video? Of course yes, but not the kind copyright infringement seems to imply. The benefit I would have got would be to enjoy a video I made and be able to share with other fans, perhaps as crazy as me. So why did youtube have to ban my video? Does anyone know?

Then there are TV serials from my far away motherland (and yes I do mean to sound exactly as dramatic as it probably does sound) that I want to watch. But star player with it super clear HD print refuses to play for 'my region'. Why would I want to watch a show years after it has aired? It isn't as crazy as it sounds. I am simply a fan. And I want to take a good quality picture of certain moments in the episode. but I can't because there is no way to get a good quality video to play in 'my region'.

 So apparently am in a region that star player doesn't want to play for. Then where do I go to get good quality video of shows I want to watch?

The technology buzz word for quite a while has been 'open source', which basically means everyone has access to how a certain software is written, but if you buy a google chromecast device.. okay I will pause and explain the benefit of a google chromecast device.. its a small device quite similar to a pen drive. Connect it to a television and see the magic spell that is cast. From your laptop, phone or tablet you could start any video or video photos which would project on the TV screen.

Awesome isn't it? What would i want to use it for? No prize for guessing..I would like to watch my TV show. I could open it on Youtube on my laptop and then cast and watch it on my TV. simple! Only it isn't.

Youtube has blocked the episode I want to watch. Well, dailymotion has the video. So I should be able to cast that, right? perfectly logical. Except logic doesn't exactly work in a logical way. Because google chromecast does not support sharing from dailymotion. Most probably because google wants to promote youtube and has no interest to promote something it does not own, in this case Dailymotion. And so what if the video i want to watch is not blocked on dailymotion? It can not still play on my television using the device I brought.

Have you heard about 50 shades of gray? well given than am digressing as usual, but am not even sure what I was going to be writing about, I do not think this qualifies as digressing. Anyway you would have to be as ignorant about news as I am if you haven't heard about what seems to have become quite a sensation, god knows why. The movie hero doesn't even look nice.. and this is purely my opinion.

That is a fan fiction. And since the writer uploaded it on a fanfiction site apparently the script material is free to be used by all. there was quite a hue and cry on it, if I am to believe the wikipedia article.

So my point being... you must be wondering? Well my point being we ourselves don't really know what is and isn't part of the so called free world.

Here is an apt illustration of the problem I have just been trying very hard to elucidate. it is uncanny how this comic strip manages to capture our state exactly.

I probably should make a seprate post about Game of Thrones. The HBO TV series which is an adaptation  of the popular fantasy series (of books) called A song of Fire and Ice. And even that rhymes with nice. how perfect is this ending. I should leave this post here if I am even a bit wise.

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