Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A dash of spice and everything that is nice Part 2

A thrilled Aarwen has strictly instructed me to write here how happy and proud she is of a certain lazywiz. 

So, since my last post, I have been on a trip to Las Vegas. Played on a roulette table all by myself. I have moved to a different team in office and for the record I loved my old team. Also the list that I have on the top right of this blog has proven lucky.

I completed reading Bourne Identity. That most definitely needs a post of its own. And I started watching Vampire Diaries. And Damon alone might need atleast a couple of posts to touch on the level of attraction the character holds. Do you think its possible a wild vampire is able to hypnotize innocent blog writers from within the TV screen?

So what scares and saddens me about this change in office? 

Reason for sadness.. is relatively straightforward. I loved my team, even though there were only 3 of my old team members remaining, one of the prime reasons why my team did disintegrate. 

What frightens me is that in the new team I might actually have to get involved in work that needs longer durations of being focused. Which in itself would have been an exciting challenging prospect, but given my current state of mind that wishes to be left blank and alone in order for it to find words as and when needed, the move can hardly be beneficial for my writing.

Well one adapts. One learns. One face challenges. One finds reasons to be happy.

My current reason. The sound of raindrops falling outside.
As I sit all alone in my house I concentrate on the sound of falling rain. Its soothing and a precious feeling of grateful calm that I want to gather close.

By the way, today is the day I was deliciously rude to someone(still in my head,but still its quite a start). Felt liberating. And thrilling.

And a special thank you to ASR (my show IPK's hero), to House (he is a brilliant doctor, I have to write about this show soon), to a famous detective (Sherlock Homes to be precise), to a certain vampire(and no its not Edward, but a blood sucking remorseless wicked kind) and lazywiz. 

All teach me an extremely valuable, actually priceless, lesson in being myself. That it is absolutely acceptable to be intelligent and not please everyone every time.  That rules can be broken. That one liners are a preferred form of communication, and you need not be apologetic about it. Wit, humour, even impatience, arrogance, compulsive hard-to-get-along-behaviour is better than normal if you can carry it off. And behind all this can still exist the most purest of heart (and I whisper this last fact, because if you have paid any heed to all that I noted before this, the kind heart is hardly needed and definitely changes nothing at all)

Here's to freedom! To be genuine.. and to be able to define what you consider genuine.

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