Monday, November 24, 2014

Arnav Singh Raizada

We often burst into spontaneous soliquoys on our blast from the past thread where a certain man is concerned.. here is a snippet..

And you are absolutely right. No fifty shades of gray is Mr Raizada. He encompasses all colors of the rainbow in the emotions he portrays.

On a serious note I have been thinking of this comparison with Christian Grey (is that the character's name?) and here's what I deduced. Arnav Singh Raizada as Gul envisioned him was to be a romantic novel dream, the story writers and of course the actor made him real and so much full of life that he drove right out from the screen in his white SUV and parked himself into our hearts.

And now whenever we find any character attractive we find a bit of the quintessential traits we fell for in ASR. Basically its like krishna all over, who took different forms to play with each gopi. I see ASR in characters I have loved over the years and apparently the part of female population that loves fifty shades of gray sees him in that form too.

He might be a bit of all our imagination, but in totality he surpasses it all. haha sounds quite dramatic, but really in each subtle second that ASR was on screen Barun seemed to add such mysteries that in each rewatch we unravel something new about ASR. It is this thrill of discovering the man, his love, his attitude to life that makes writing about him, taking caps after neverending caps (even in low resolution) so absolutely satisfying. A new experience each time. 

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