Sunday, November 2, 2014

Physics and creativity

Aarwen has been wallowing in misery and self pity. Work has descended into her life and kept her away from here and everywhere else she would rather be.

Today morning however, LazyWiz has reminded her she is not like this. She can take life and remain cheerful. No wonder Aarwen loves lazyWiz.

So now onto writing and feeling good and stop cribbing.

I have always felt creativity is all about the unique edge in thought. And wonder when and if I will get it?

If you are remotely interested in Physics or in getting awestruck at creativity, then these videos you will love. 

Maybe in some parallel universe am happily writing and watching my TV show and reading books. So in this one I will continue with renewed vigour and zeal to write code. 

 There was a time not too far back I loved coding. Maybe I still do. And in this flow of time if writing code means unable to write a story, then there is a branch of time flow where writing still means a story.


  1. I did NOT know you were a Sobti fant, too! Gonna troll through your blog now....

    Madhu Aunty

    1. Thank you aunty. So nice of you to read and leave a comment. haha I cannot believe you know and are a fan of Barun Sobti.. If you feel like do take a look at our website . Thats where I write mostly now. Hope you enjoy the articles there. Would love to talk more about how you came to know of Sobti..