Friday, December 12, 2014

A story to tell

The last 24 hours have been perhaps every blog writers secret fantasy. With enough substance to fill pages. There is intrigue, love, evil, heartbreak, dreams, friendship, atleast if you care to view it in that sense.

So without further ado I present to you the happenings of the night before.

Actually it started in the afternoon when aarwen was msged by a frantic lazywiz. There were tickets on sale for a play. Pride and Prejudice. Of course she had to say she would love to go.

So they went. Three hours of a charming show. Each dialogue faithfully spoken, even the narration used as dialogues by the actors. Did you ever notice how many tough words Jane Austen used in her book? How the sentence construction was complicated beyond imagination, but how the end product was most certainly delightful..

Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet are characters that have become archetypes embodying essential characteristics of a hero and heroine of a love story. Heroes are meant to be haughty but genuine and heroines have to be unconventional witty, yet sometimes a beautiful damsel in distress. Defy rules, maybe laid down by your own self, overcome prejudice, drop pride (or maybe too much of pride because a little of it is quite a perfectly good thing to have).  One has to melt and feel joy erupt, fall head over heals beyond reasonable judgement in irrevocable love. A little stormy, a little timeless, simple and still confounding. A love story.

A memory of the spotlight on a pair of lovers. The intelligent girl with bright startling eyes standing on tip toe to kiss the arrogant noble man. And just when the night could not have felt better in the parking lot they noticed their car window shattered.

What was stolen you want to know? Well one might say her office bag which had her laptop, headphones, phone charger and a notebook. But that's where the story begins. Two years of her life. Treasures safely tucked away in the black electronic chest. Office notes, IPK (you know that wonderful TV show?) edits, videos, photographs, writing.

My roommate , thought technically am ex, put it rather well I think when she said laptops are like an extension of oneself. I would go a little further. Do you happen to know the concept of horcruxes? Those objects that carry a part of one's soul.. J. K. Rowling explains this quite brilliantly in Harry Potter and in case you haven't read it you might surely want to stop reading this post and spend your time reading those books instead. The laptop was quite decidedly a horcrux.

Mr thief, you stole it. Do you know what all you stole? Not the money.. not the anxiety.. and really it gets quite depressing having things stolen from you.. but you stole memories.. No wonder Dumledore liked to siphon his thoughts into a pensieve for safe keeping.. again a brilliant device out of J.K.Rowling's imagination.

That was yesterday. Well I did promise a thrilling tale of an eventful 24 hours, so what followed?

Barun Sobti. Yes yes the TV actor I really really like. Only now as of the 12th of December, he is no longer just a TV actor, he is a movie star. I have been going crazy waiting for this and the day is finally here. Main Aur Mr Riight his debut movie released.

My friends and I and a lot of fans I don't really know, have all fervently prayed that he get success, but seems his movie isn't getting a favourable review. And me, in Seattle I don't even get to watch it. Can only hear and get more nervous.

But strangely as today came, and I knew he is on screen, I don't worry at all. He acts well. This I know. The reviews all praised him as an actor, of this am thankful. And am calm. He will be fine. Paraphrasing what Shahrukh Khan had to say, "Our lives are like our films. By the end everything turns out right, and if it hasn't, then picture abhi baki hai mere dost".

A lot of the readers must be indignant at this point. I know I promised love as well in this story. Kept the very best for the very last.

"No measure of time with you is enough, but lets start with forever".
                                                                             ~ Edward to Bella

You might wonder of Aarwen's mental state right this instant. And she let me assure you she isn't in a state to tell because she is overwhelmed with a feeling.

5 years of memories. You can take away a laptop, but Aarwen has spent 5 years with Lazywiz. If we go into technicalities its closer to 10 now. But formally 5 it is. 

Thank you is too common a word to express the sentiment. You are home. You are my best friend. When I found you I found who I was meant to be. You are off hand and tender. And then when you casually remark, "Danerys Targeryn tries to be good", when someone asks, "Is she good?", I can only look at you and wonder how I found you. You thrill me, make me laugh, make me safe, bring me peace. And this really is the story to tell. I love you. 

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