Thursday, December 25, 2014

The place where I am now

A very merry christmas!

I said these very words the other day to someone, and he said, "I don't celebrate christmas". I was undeterred and I flashed a brilliant smile at him and said, "We all celebrate the spirit of christmas".

On that bright sprightly note I sit with my laptop (a different one now, if you are wondering, since my old trusted friend, the laptop I owned was stolen). Its sunny outside and just the fact that I have a holiday makes me happy.

Which naturally leads to one main question in my brain.. what is it that I want to write about..

A while back I had written about a show.. Newsroom..

I watched the finale last week and ruminated about story telling. 

Serendipitously, that was just when my sister-in-law,  the same one who got me to try out 100happydays, read out a quote to me..

"Singing is like praying twice"

I typed in this phrase in google and was about to read about it, when I decided I didn't need to. I can't sing, but I already had a meaning of the phrase in my head and these few moments in the newsroom finale cemented the thought beautifully.

**Warning: Newsroom finale spoilers ahead**

Charlie, the benevolent godfather, lets call him, of all the members of the newsroom, suffered a stroke. There is the intelligent Howard grad who blames her rebellious side for his heart giving up. There is chaos at the uncertainty about the future that might have threatened everyone. And there is the man who has just come out of jail to find his best friend, a father figure in some ways, a beloved boss, gone forever.

They are at Charlie's funeral. And here comes the stellar story telling. The deceased man had two grandchildren.  The viewer is meeting them for the very first time. I could not take my eyes off the elder one. There is a look of distinction, intelligence and sincerity. Child actors in English shows are the very best. 

The man, whose best friends is dead, walks upto his best friend's grandson. And sings.

I am dying to explain why I liked this so much. How beautiful it was, he told the boy the truth. Then a song, to make the boy feel less lonely. Actually an outlet for everyone. And before leaving letting the boy simply know, "If you need someone to talk to, now that your grandfather won't be around, I am here". 

I shouldn't explain it you. That is the point. None of this had to be explained. The creators rely on the intellect of the audience and on the response from their gut. 

You may like it for some completely different reason. You may like the song just by itself. You may have liked the scene for the memories it brings of such nice characters that the show has. It will be personal and yours.

I can't embed the video here, but do click and please watch this.

This episode taught me about writing too, because that is where I am now. I want to write. And write well. While this scene played out I suddenly felt inspired.

The trick is in leaving the things unsaid also speak in the most profound ways. The trick is in suffusing joy in hearts of people who will read the words I have penned down. The trick is in inspiration while entertaining. The trick is in being yourself. The trick is in believing in magic. The trick is in enjoying what you are doing. The trick is in letting your skill speak to you. The trick is in concentrating on the now and allowing it to lead you to unknown limitless spaces.

"Memphis is a stand in for wherever you are right now. That it really means, thats how I got here."

- Charlie Skinner quoting his teenage grandson

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  1. My Dear Sweet Rhea, I loved this. Brought back many memories of my children in the basement with their garage band. Memphis is where you are, yes it is and you/I/ we are there for all to brighten their day, whether it is through writing, reminding that Christmas is in the air and can be celebrated by all, singing to our hearts content even with tone deaf intonations! Thanks again for opening my heart to write again!