Sunday, May 24, 2015

Shakespeare and Milton : Where do I start?

I am not a literature student. I have been wanting to read the original plays and poems of the Stalwarts of English literature. Where to start? The question has haunted me to such an extent that I almost gave up hope.

And then I found this debate on Intelligence Squared. Is Shakespeare better or Milton? You might think for the uninitiated it does not matter. The debate would only be enjoyable to one who has sufficiently studied or is atleast familiar with works of both.

On the contrary I found this a perfect place to start. To have seasoned thespians perform hand picked verses. And also have two acclaimed English professors explain the context of those lines, what details to spot and where to let the mind run free, gives an inspiring boost to anyone wanting to try reading the original works of these timeless writers.


Video credit iqsquared.
They have the most eye opening and engaging debates on varied topics. You are missing out if you haven't heard them.

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