Sunday, May 3, 2015

Why Arya Stark is a hero ?

In Episode three of Season five of the HBO series Game Of Thrones Arya Stark struggles to become 'noone'. She is desperate to join the rank of faceless men. Not knowing what it entails or what it leads to except that it will make her a lethal assassin.

So, while she continues to plot to turn into a killer why do I see her as a hero?

Because she could not let go of needle. Her sword. The last of her possessions. Gifted by her half brother Jon Snow (a hero as well and maybe I will write about him and what he inspires in me too).

I saw her drown her bundle of clothes. Arry's armor and Arya's identity all sinking into the vast unending Bravosi sea. She however could not part with her sword.

Heroes can't become nobody. Just like Harry Potter never could learn Occlumency. He was never able to curb the emotions or close his mind. Who he was, what he felt, overpowered his being.

For Arya that consuming need to avenge the destruction of the Starks fuels her. Drives her to become a game changer. She has not done much in the narrative yet, in terms of tactile actions. The potential of the jaded disillusioned strong girl is what we hold on.

As she cradled needle, in a few seconds I realized one of the hardest sacrifice for a person is to ask of them to let go of a part of themselves. Drown your identity and who are you? Noone.

Am glad Arya broke the rules yet again and remained Arya Stark. Someone. A hero I am rooting for.

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