Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon Episode 1

I guess I am one of the few who started watching Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon right from the very first minute of the first episode.. granted it was 2 years after the show had ended..aah the good old days when episode one was on youtube for new viewers like me to watch.

Anyway, so I watched because I wanted to see Sanaya Irani in this talkative role and knew nothing at all about the show.. the background music caught my attention first.. the initial wedding song was rustic and pleasing.. Payal the bride was pretty.. I was a little impatient when Khushi came.. I feared she would be one of those too cute do-gooder heroines.

A man stepped out in style off a helicopter.. I thought oh no.. another supposedly model types guy who won't have any idea how to act.. which won't matter because the heroine will be the only one speaking and getting all the attention. This man won't have a role.

I saw his scene with chachaji.. yes was intrigued but still quite skeptical.. so he speaks less and his face is closed and aloof.. maybe he will just be expresionless throughout.. the pigeons and sheesh mahal were beautiful.. I kept watching

It was night time and a fashion show.. he called a smiling di on stage.. I had started to like his accent.. and then he closed his eyes.. and I watched riveted.. was he acting? did he mean to swallow just then.. and did his jaw just clench? Had I ever noticed such things in other actors?

Sanaya had a cute poem.. bhul bhulaiya mori maiya.. and puri khasta.. she was different from the role I knew her in.. quite charming here actually.. She was pushed onto the stage.. his eyes remained closed..

She closed her eyes..he opened his.. She stood shivering.. he stood up unmoving.. the music notes had started to ascend.. Strangely beautiful was the girl as she covered herself with a golden shimmering dupatta.. he looked on unblinking.. yes why wasn't he blinking? oh was it the past his di had spoken about that made him this way?

I was already rooting for a love story.. how would she break into jhis self imposed walls of darkness.. how would he let her in..

Then she slipped..

right into his arms.. his gaze slid over her.. leisurely.. scorching..simmering.. for an infinite moment.. her fingers were curled onto him.. her pink lips quivered.. he stared right at them.. now she swallowed.. unsure..taken a back.. regular girls don't find themselves in handsome enigmatic stranger's strong arms.. and never ever does anyone look at them with this intensity..

what must she be thinking? i wanted to know desperately.. I didn't come to know that exactly, but a second later she squirmed to get our of his grip.. and he jerked her back completely unfazed and unapologetic.. ensuring she remained in his arms..

the world and everyone in it had fallen away.. all that remained was me and my love story with the two absolutely gorgeous people on screen.

It was while I started to click on episode two did I laugh at myself.. did I really think the man had not been good looking? and boy was I proven wrong when i thought he would not know how to act.

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