Saturday, February 14, 2015


In vain do I strain,
a single sound
that would ease this pain.
In torment I lie,
face down
and cry.
Why don't you come,
to hold me;
set me free?
Bring back the smile,
that has been gone
only a little while.
Why does the heart
feel torn?
till the hurt
in each pore.
This that I say,
is forever true.
My anger,
as my love
is for thee;
As vital as breath
you are for me.
There is darkness
in me.
There is loneliness,
but in this moment
there lies, but vast emptiness.
Come hold me
set me free.
Rock me in your arm,
keep me away from harm;
not much that I demand.
I do need
only you.
Apart, alone
I lay torn.
Heed my call,
save me from this fall.

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