Thursday, May 29, 2014

Blast From The Past Thread

It is cloudy.. a weather Aarwen loves (and not just because vampires come out to play in cloudy weather) and LazyWiz hates..  and it is quiet.. if one thing I could predict out of this week I would have predicted with certainty the exact antonym of 'quiet'. So I sit with my laptop, as I most often do. Furtively look at the clock and decide I have a few more minutes before I need to go cook. Hit refresh a couple of times in case I missed the email message containing the update notification. And check updates from a certain forum. 

A favourite place. Where it all began.. I look at everyone on this thread and am amazed at all the creativity.

I have not met any one of them in person. Don't know where they are from. Don't know their full names. Don't know their occupation. With most haven't talked about anything other than what in some way is connected to this show that we love. 

It has been only half a year and a total of 550 posts on this thread. And yet if someone asked me to name my friends there would be 1 best friend, 2 school friends, 5 college friends and a whole lot of women from the BFTP threads.

How talkative I can get with them. How inspired by them. How bored when there are no updates from them. How dejected when someone didn't comment when I expected them to. How dreamy when someone posts a picture or a string of heavenly words. On Saturday's and Sunday's Aarwen literally scares LazyWiz (and perhaps the only time when she does) and refuses to go out anywhere or entertain anyone just so she can read FanFiction written by her forum friends. 

wo kehte hai wo koi nai teri
phir kyu mujh jaisi wo lagti hai?
wo kehte hai main us jaisa nai
phir kyu mujh jaisi wo lagti hai?
- From Vee Zaara. Have I ever mentioned Shahrukh khan is my favourite actor?

I don't know them?....
        Well I know what I like..

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  1. I really think you do know us Rhea, it's not necessary to see or meet a person in person to know him or her .It is a connection with binds you and that is what we all have....Good to have you <3