Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Butterfly Effect

In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependency on initial conditions in which a small change at one place in a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state. The name of the effect, coined by Edward Lorenz, is derived from the theoretical example of a hurricane's formation being contingent on whether or not a distant butterfly had flapped its wings several weeks earlier. 

- Quoted right out of Wikipedia

No I did not like the movie Butterfly Effect. Am still using this title for my second post. I fear that the beginner's luck has already worn out so don't want to waste too much time between my first post and the next. In Rockstar movie it was stressed that an aching heart is needed for creativity so lets see how that goes.

We shifted to what is a very very beautiful city early last year. Maybe I should start with our visit the year before that which made us realize Seattle was a really beautiful city. Anyway one has to start somewhere so lets consider our move out here. And consider that the very beginning. The lush green tress all around, the cloudy days and possibilities of vampires, the parks with weeds which look suspiciously prettier than flowers, the lakes and hills all make me thank god each day that I get to enjoy this every day. Touch wood. We bought a house. My husband's idea and a most excellent one in hindsight. Just as we shifted into the new house he had to leave for India for 2 weeks. I couldn't stay in that big house alone and so my father came down to stay with me. I haven't ever stayed with him alone.

Also a lull in office and I had all the time in the world. And no Star Plus, Sony, Zee, Colors, MTV in our cable here. So I started watching weird movies on Youtube. Midway watching one I even realized I had seen it almost 10 years back during my engineering entrance exam preparations days. That and the fact that I was running out of movies to watch in Youtube made me switch to TV shows. I saw Love Ne Mila Di Jodi. The show was airing on TV when I had moved to a new city. For the first time staying alone in a PG and was about to get married soon. I vaguely recollect returning to my PG in the afternoon when it would be empty. And watching the show alone while eating my dabba lunch followed by a long relaxing afternoon nap. The title song was nice so I think I thought of watching it when I noticed the episodes on Youtube. Anyway I gave up watching the show midway and skimmed through the later episodes. Once the leads get married does it have to get boring?

Next I saw Miley Jab Hum Tum. No particular reason just that it use to air around the same time I believe. I remembered a quiet pretty brainy girl who I liked. Part of me always aspired to be like that girl. Sadly I can never be as quiet as I would like to be. Have come to realize am nowhere as pretty. And am a little wearisome about the brainy. The show as a whole was too corny. But Gunjan I liked. And that is the time my college friends started a whats app chat group. Everyday non stop conversations and after years I would have my phone near me. I had stopped worrying about my phone the day I married the man I loved. More like the boy I love since I was but a girl. Maybe still am. And I realized he will be here right next to me for everyday of my entire life. Who needs a phone? So in the chat I mentioned my craze for Gunjan and my friend said Sanaya Irani has another quite popular show..

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon..and the rest as they say is history.. I watched the first episode a bit tentative. The heroine was a little too chirpy and talkative. But nice she was so different from Gunjan. The hero looked disappointing. Am laughing at myself now but I did think that the very first time. But my husband was out and I had so much time. So watched more episodes. Is thank you the only word to express gratitude? Feels grossly inadequate. It was refreshing and fun and mad and sizzling and everything a love story should be really. And like my habit with everything I like I had to google to read what other people were saying. I must have watched more than 200 episodes in a span of 2 weeks. And as fate has it one google search landed me on India Forums. Had to because the intricate details I was searching on, I think, would only show up there or on IPK Facebook pages.

I landed on pages filled with chatter on IPK. Pandora's box full of IPk discussions. Yes that is what was the abbreviation, but what caught my attention was reviews by one whom I now get to call Indi di.. and there was another who had crisp funny reviews and something called a drool corner.. barundeewani.. was a mere coincidence that Kailash kher's song teri deewani is my role model too ? So those write ups were amazing and I stopped reading books since I got something related to IPK and great writing in one place. What more did I need.?

My husband came back and finally got to witness the first hand crazy phase I was going through. That was the start of November last year. When I had bugged him and my whats app group of friends and even slight acquaintances about the show I needed new people to discuss it with. I tried cajoling scaring bribing blackmailing people to watch it, but didn't make too much progress with that. I was still talking, thinking every waking moment of the show and maybe dreaming about it when asleep. Now I had deleted my blog ten years back. Never used my facebook account, when my husband finally suggested I join the site where people write such nice stuff and talk about the show I gave in.

And so January this year I became a member of India Forums and posted on what is called Blast From The Past Threads. Within no time I was getting talkative there. But it was no longer just the show, I was making new friends after a really really long time. Very talented creative people. Completely non artistic me was taking screen shots and learning how to make edits. I had to try writing episode reviews myself. I wanted people to like what I wrote. Comment. Discuss. And all the while it was like I was in a classroom where all my friends are the most inspiring people I have met. Mothers, working women some teachers but all with this sense of fun. insightful thoughts. Warmth. And unending awe inspiring creativity.

Suddenly I started thinking how much I like to write. I need to learn more. There was this unimaginable vista open before me of things I wanted to say. Thoughts I want to share. We went and saw 2 states. A movie based on the book by an author I don't like. But a movie that I surprisingly liked a lot. My husband gifted me a type writer. And as I heard the tapping of the keys I had found some more meaning to the state of bliss I have been in these days. Well everyone keeps telling me to write not about an Indian TV show which has long ended, but something more sensible. But I was blank. No motivation.

A few shared posts from my friends on the forum and I got a glimpse into a world of writing apart from IPK. A blog. and so after five months of writing about the TV show which has made me so extremely happy I created ,my blog. And am now just wrapping up my second post on it. Can we really pin point what changes our course in life? As someone pointed out this phase of my like is called blossoming. A butterfly breaking out of her cocoon and spreading her wings to fly.. And in this ending line was the reason for choosing the beginning title of my post. Complicated intertwined but brings a smile? Well such is life..


  1. Lovely Rhea. I am really happy you joined the ranks of us bloggers. Writing on the thread is wonderful but sometimes a change is needed and here it is! Bliss isn't it a wonderful word? Do it!

  2. Hey Rhea. Guess who! Ha, ha. I was just glancing here and there when I saw Cynthia had shared something that looked like a blog by you. First of all, congratulations on your blog. I am super delighted to read your story. Your writings are smooth and a pleasure to read. Cynthia is right. Writing is bliss, isn't it? Keep it up my dear. :-)