Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Who am I?

My very first post.. I wanted to make it special.. So I thought of writing about people.. well there is only one important enough to earn a place here.. my best friend.. that feels inadequate.. my most bestest friend.. that's more like it!

People don't interest me too much so I left that path and turned my attention towards what defines me..I pondered on this question.. and as simply as that reached an answer for what my first post should be about.. never a question really.. it has always been the same answer from as far back as my conscious thought remembers..

Books.. words written on a paper or in modern times words appearing on a laptop screen..words that tell a story.. words that express a thought.. words that define a feeling.. words that inspire.. words that make me happy..

So my very first post is dedicated to me really.. to what makes me who I am.. my very best friend and my books.. 


  1. Sweet R enchanting blog! I am enamoured by the fact that you have dedicated it to yourself! There was a dialogue in Jab We Met where Kareena Kapoor said "main apni sabse favourite person hoon!" I get the same drift rather strong breeze of 'mehsoos' in your blog! Great girl! Drink life to the lees! That's a happy state to be in!

    1. Hello professor so you came again and commented :-) . Thank you .. haha my husband keeps teasing me with the same dialogue.. I will have to show him your comment.. I also am very much.."mujhe bachpan se hi shaadi ka bahut craze tha by god".. specially bhagke ..
      and learning to indulge in what I like I have learnt from you all in BFTP threads.. keep teaching me nice things..