Wednesday, July 9, 2014

They finally meet

This has to be written in red.. the color of love..

Only perhaps a week they have been apart. He was shown a few times in the show, but mostly has been missing. She has been crying. The usually over cheerful girl is listless and a little lost. Manages to follow a suspicious person, gets hit on the head. She wakes up in a godforsaken warehouse who knows where. Slides across a wall. he has managed to free his bound hands and sits on the opposite site of the wall. 

Suddenly a gust of knowing familiar wind blows. She is here he knows. He is somewhere close she can feel it. She whispers his name , he calls out to her. Their fingers reach out to each other across a barbed fence.. how much he cares, how good it feels to have him scold her. She will not let her fingers move apart from his. No mention of love.. the feeling does not need a name.. 

Do see this video..

And we will talk about it on our forum here.. Some of the sweetest words penned down for this scene you will find here..

credit to uploder
Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon Episode 265 by sidrasr96873

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