Sunday, July 20, 2014

Writing class 2

Here is what I wrote for my second story writing assignment..

Was that the sound of the doorbell? It was still too early to be lunchtime. Had one of the kids come home early? Why were people in such a hurry these days. She would get to the door as fast as her tired aching legs would allow her. And these old shoes made walking even more difficult. Some days it felt like even the bones in her feet were hurting, but she did not feel like going all the way to the market to buy a new pair of shoes. So there was no way she would be able to hurry to the door.

One of the kids must have taken ill at school. Or had they landed themselves in trouble? Cynthia was too young for that sort of thing. But it could be Jake. No, he was a dear little boy and Kate was also so well behaved. She had seen her fair share of children and these kids weren't the kind to get into trouble. That was the doorbell ringing for the third time. Someone was in a real hurry. Patience is the biggest virtue. Maybe she could teach whoever was at the door this one thing if he had the time.

Whoever it was had already left it seemed. Thankfully it wasn't one of the kids then. Oh, but there was a package lying. The delivery guy didn't come during this time. And look at the package! It was all wrapped up. She would have to call and complain to the post office. The paper was crumpled and even appeared torn in places. These delivery boys were becoming very careless these days.

Well, she would have to go get her glasses to read what the tag on the package said. Maybe it was for Kate. Was the girl already old enough to have an admirer? Aah how times flies. It could also be that someone had ordered from those website shops. Even Cynth knew how to do that and she was so little. The whole evening Cynth had insisted on showing her shoes and asking her opinion on each of them. They were sweet kids, even though they repeatedly managed to cause havoc in their rooms.

Now where had she left her reading glasses. Must have left it in the girls' room when she was telling them the bedtime story. They must have heard the story a dozen times already. That meant they would still not be bored atleast for a dozen more reads. What a mess these girls had left there room in. She would try and clean up as much as she could. Just that she moved so slow because of these shoes. It would be time for everyone to be home before she would get everything in order here. Atleast her glasses were exactly where she thought it was.

Now to hobble back to the table where she had left the package. Would have been easier if she had brought it along with her. Now she would have to walk all the way. How exciting really, there was a package for someone. One of the kids was going to be very happy when they reached home.

What terrible handwriting, like the scribble of a child. Even with glasses she was having a hard time to read. Might as well open the curtains and get some sunlight.

Wait. Was she reading correctly? Ooh her dearest little ones.

"To the best nanny in the whole wide world. For all your birthdays we have missed, here is one big gift for you. Happy walking!"

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