Sunday, July 20, 2014

Writing class 3

My third story assignment. This was by far much tougher that the previous two because we had to chose 2 characters from a pool given. Also select from the pool two props, two locations and a snippet of dialogue. 

"Just drop it", Chris stated calmly. Were therapists even allowed to voice their personal opinions with so much conviction, I found myself idly wondering.

It was 5'o clock on a Tuesday evening and I was sitting in Chris's plush upscale office right in the heart of downtown. I occupied the dark coffee leather sofa as I had on all my previous visits before. In front of me sat an amicable looking elderly man. His white hair was brushed smartly back. A while back I had decided he was wise and at that precise moment I knew these visits would do me good. Today however my mind was stubbornly refusing to register anything that had left Chris's mouth in the last half hour.

My therapist's office seemed like a perfectly reasonable place as any for some introspection. So who was I? Sarah Ricker, a realtor. I loved my work. There was an exhilarating thrill and an accompanying gratification in helping someone find the home of his dreams.  My life was busy and purposeful.

So why was I here, in a therapy session? Anger. Yes, blind rage and unmanageable fury was my undoing. I had just finished telling Chris this tale. How I was in my office elevator when Jon had walked in. The details were hazy, now that I think of it. All I know is that before too long I wished I had some duct tape to seal the irritating senseless stream of words leaving Jon's lips. He had literally no knowledge of the client I was dealing with, no idea of the problems I was facing and yet the pompous pedant seemed to be under the delusion that he knew exactly which of the company tenets would help me find the solution I was looking for.

I could see some duct tape placed almost carelessly on the far end of Chris's desk and it took all the resolve I possessed to not go and grab it and rush out to confront Jon. There! I had done it again. I was smiling and nodding on the outside while there was an unending echoing scream in my insides. I could feel the hot blood course through my veins. The nerve to the left of my temple had started to throb. It was unbearably painful. Didn't Chris understand I needed to calm down? Okay, so maybe that is what he meant by that comment of his. To drop it. Let it go.

Wasn't that the song in the Disney movie that won an Oscar? Let it go. Come to think of it how hard could it be to let the indignation just drop and fade away. Perhaps, dropping it would work better if I concentrated on something else to distract myself. The unnaturally bright shiny red apple on the far off table seemed like a good object to focus on. If I sunk my teeth into it would it be crunchy enough? I imagined the sweet juice tickling down my throat. Its sweetness as it seeps through me absorbing every shred of anger inside me. Had I managed to calm myself down or was it actually hysteria that I now felt?

The hour was up and Chris was signaling an end to our session. I had to choke down a giggle as I contemplated. Perhaps all that I need was a basket full of apples as the sure shot secret to anger management. Maybe next Tuesday I could ask Chris where he went apple shopping.

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