Wednesday, August 13, 2014

And then they danced.. was it just a dance?

Wrote this on my forum today.. do visit for the most breathtaking descriptions of the most gorgeous dance..

And they danced..

He stepped on the stage.. Did he know he would make her his today? No conscious thought perhaps, but he was conscious of each atom, each molecule, each fibre in her being. She danced along. For this was where she was meant to be. In his arms. Twirling ..dipping.. whirling.. gliding..

He had surrendered his soul to this feeling.. and she was swept right along reeling..

A lean brown hand gliding along her thin bare waist, the color of ivory in the dark light.

She found herself flying, safe in his sure hands. His eyes left her face his head turned away, only to jerk back.. a demanding hand extending out. She could, but not refuse his call. She placed her hand in his. All was right with the world. Right then the world had ceased to exist. Memories came flying past. Catching.. walking away.. falling.. drawing close.

His hands remained on her back, holding on to her, as she leant backwards and he was drawn forward with her.. in a dance one usually leads.. directs the steps.. and the partner follows.. was he leading.. or was he simply following?

They stood.. bodies in contact.. souls fused.. Immersed in a heady feeling. She raised her hand in a graceful swanlike movement. Face raised. His hand followed her in its trajectory. Scorching was its path as it moved stroking, igniting. She rested on his frame. He was meant to hold her this way. Would they ever move away?

No question anymore. All the answers ever needed in this tango. Unrehearsed, instinctive.. Written by the stars themselves.. You forgot to blink because if you blinked you would miss out on a lifetime and more of love..

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