Friday, August 1, 2014


There are lots and lots of legends, stories and movies of children from feuding families falling in love. A story with always a cliche ending.. death of the lovers.. in death they get to remain together forever.. I have never been a fan. 

Romeo Juliet, Heer Ranjha, Qayamat se Qayamat tak (even though it has lovely songs), West Side Story (with its beautiful dance sequence)  was touching and sad to watch yet most probably if I had a blog would not have been compelled to write about it after watching. In fact one very important reason why we like Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (a TV series am a fan of, in case this is your first visit to my blog) is that the hero heroine are very much alive and living happily ever after. 

Life.. shouldn't love be all about that? Now am not an expert in love. Have made my share of mistakes, still do, and yet there are some inherent sentiments that make love what it is for me.. this crazy mad confusing overwhelming sweet blissful intense peaceful sentiment that we get to revel in.

So if, even after repeated viewing of this slightly over the top movie, I still feel the stirring in my soul then it is worth mentioning here.. Ishaqzaade.. rebels in love..

***Ishaqzaade spoilers ahead***

Pretty straightforward story.. in a slightly extremist fanatical city a muslim girl and a hindu boy fight..their parents political rivals.. stage is set.. girl insults boy.. boy sits all through dinner with a soppy spaced out expression.. goes apologizes to girl.. she is not in the mood to relent.. pretty soon both are head over heals in love.. they decide to marry in secret.. suhaagraat on an abandoned train..

she wakes up with a dreamy content smile.. he all evil.. his revenge is complete.. boy spreads the marriage pics.. courtesy which his family wins the election.. she follows him to his house to kill him.. his mother, the only sane person in his household, tries to reason with him.. girl and boy's family are ready to kill the girl.. mother dies trying to protect the girl.. for his dead mother's sake boy sincerely tries to apologize..

Yes we have seen it all before. Yet somehow amidst all the violence, hatred, craziness, uncouth boy and hyper girl I still fell in love with their love. I still feel bad they cannot have a happy ending they deserve. I sadly look on as his mother rocks the crying frame of the girl who in one night starts to call the mother of the man she loves and wants to kill amma.. I cry when he finally tells her she is beautiful. I cry some more when she slashes his arm with a shard clutched in her hand. I feel sorry when the 'dancewali' who loves him tries to help protect her.. I weep hysterically when there is no hope left and two people talk of a future, happiness and how good she was in Chemistry. 

Do watch it. You might like it. Two people in love. And all the insanity that goes along with it.

I know this happens in our world. I want to wish away all this unpleasantness. If only I could. Sometimes exactly to this extreme and at other times slightly more moderately, but for monetary disparity, religion, caste, nationality, pure snobbishness and uncountable other reasons families refuse to let their loved one marry the one person he/she wants to spend their life with. 

Will there be a future where there is no poverty? No war? Enough for everyone? And in this future that we build will people remember to ensure that every individual have the freedom to love and live with the one he loves?

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