Saturday, August 9, 2014

Inspire.. and then let go

Whether you are professor Atkin looking upon John Galt, Francisco D' Anconia, Ragnar Danneskjöld (from Atlas Shruggred, the book you must read if you haven't) or you are the local army coach about to send Milkha Singh off to the big leagues(I don't much like the movie) or you are a mother seeing off your kid to pre school the very first day (wonder how this feels)..

You were or rather are his inspiration, but now it is time for him to go do his own thing. You can see him spread his wings and soar high. And you can revel in how you inspired his flight.

But the rest he has to do on his own. Give him stength so he carries on alone. Don't be sad if he cannot look back. Just make sure he is forever on the right track.

We tend to want to define our prodigy, but the only definition we can truly give is to ensure they are free to do there own thing. Don't feel unwanted because you son can ride his bike on his own or you daughter now has a phone. Your daughter dreams because she read the books you kept at her bedside and your son wants to grow up and be a drummer because you bought him his first plastic xylophone. You are the one who defined their foundation and made them strong to choose their own path.

So technically you were strong, a mentor reknown. And now your mentee seems to want to work on an independent project. Does not necessarily concede to your timeline , but that should not leave you even a little dejected. He is who he is and a part of you remains in who he is.

Be happy you got a chance to inspire someone. Now its time to enjoy what does achieve your precious one. You are always a fond memory. You are an ingrained poetry. But now its time my life took its own trajectory. In my own unique way will I make my own unforgettable history. And I promise you will be an integral part of my story.

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