Sunday, August 17, 2014

You and me.. we are meant to be..

Aarwen (standing at her hostel steps) - No.. don't keep the phone.
Lazywiz (sitting on his bed)- shh.. fine.. listen to the cd I bought today..

Aarwen kept her eyes closed.. felt the world whirl around her.. dizzy.. exhilarated.. what played.. a song.. Hum kis galli ja rahe hai apna koi thikana nahi..

One of my most favourite parts of a love story is when the hero or heroine watches the other from far. How the world ceases to exist as all the focus of one pair of eyes is on another. She may be laughing, quiet, beautiful, asleep. He maybe tired, angry, busy, playing. There is no place else you would rather look. Your look as you watch could be a blank stare, could be a tender gaze, could be a second's flicker, but in it... an infinite feeling.

Lazywiz (standing in the middle of a crowd. smirking.) - preet ki lat tohe aisi lagi..
Aarwen (standing in the same crowd. lost in her own world) - ho gayi main.. deewani?

Kailash kher sang .. his signature sufi song.. mar gayi main mit gayi main.. ho gayi main.. teri deewani..

Silence.. Sometimes when we sit quietly for hours, the only sound the tapping of the keys on our laptops, why do I feel like it is a never ending conversation I am having with you
? Sometimes when you are fast asleep and I am as usual awake when I turn off the light why do I feel I have been talking to you all this while? Sometimes when I wake up on the car seat next to you, during a long quiet drive, why I do feel you have been telling me all sorts of things?

Aarwen (On the phone) - I heard a song.. it is for you..
Lazywiz (On the other end of the phone) - Am listening.. sing it..

Another Kailash Kher song she sang.. main na jaanu tu hi jaane main hun teri tu hai mera.. saiyaan..

Talking.. why do I feel like laughing when am with you? Why do I feel garrulous and young and carefree when am with you? Why does everything in my day feel like it is worth telling you? Why everything you say sparks off interest? Why does it thrill me when you are impressed with some word I used? Why do I feel proud when you tell me what you think? And when we talk about thoughts, books, movies, idea, technology, why so few people are reading my story on IF, what is my happy pic for the day, what did my friends on whats app say, why is there always a smile on my face?

Aarwen (putting aside her laptop sits next to him) - So I don't throw a birthday party for you, don't write poetry for you, but you know..
Lazywiz (Still with his laptop, starts to type furiously) - Can I work?

He smiles. She smiles. To pick up her laptop, she walks away. There is not really anything left to say.

With you there is a song, there is poetry. Oh how I feel like dancing! Though I know you don't like it at all.. You are here .. you are with me.. we belong.. you are me..

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