Sunday, August 31, 2014

Come dance with me tonight

We are talking of Arnav and Khushi and the dream of teri meri.. 

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So he closed his eyes and let his heart weave the most beautiful dream he has ever seen.. 

Winds swished by.. His eyes rest on a vision.. His girl gazing at him with an equal craving in her eyes that look mysterious enticing tonight.. He sees himself in white.. Simple and carefree.. She looks bewitching, in a combination of midnight blue and ivory.. The winds caress her dupatta..  She smiles..

He sucks in air and feels himself ignite.. How not to desire her when she waits for him this way? A timeless look on longing on her alluring face.. Like magnets they are drawn closer.. his fantasy bursts into a song..

So he sings in a lilting voice of his and her tale of love where mere words are not enough.. She watches in wonder and understanding.. She feels the same way..

So he places his hand on her bare back and pulls her flush against him. She collides against him.. their eyes riveted to their dangerously close lips.. It is a dance of desire.. Her hand journeys from his shoulder to heart, the heart that beats only for her, while her eyes remain on his.. 

A pout on his lips as he serenades her with the song.. For they have been apart when they are meant to be together.. And back comes his hand to encircle her from behind into his willing waiting arms.. Her face angles towards his own thrusting face.. She gets lost in the dance..

 The hand continues to rest on her slender waist as she turns towards him to cup his face.. No hesitation, not even coy.. The woman longs for her man then why does she walk away?

He waits.. A look of longing as she turns.. His deliberate swallow confesses silently.. she is the world to him.. A world he never dared to hope for.. She comes back to him.. Wanting the dance of passion to continue.. 

He holds her face between his palms.. Adoring.. worshiping.. A long moment of utter emptiness when she is no longer here.. 

But she is running towards him and slams against his back. Her hands winding him close, he face on his shoulders.. He savours the sensation..  A nightingale croons.. She knows too.. They are meant for each other..  

He lowers her hand and places it where is needs to be for him to bring her back close to his heart.. As she sings of their love story.. His hand grasps her free flowing soft tresses.. A tenderness in the stance.. while another hand of a male possessively keeps his mate close..   

He is rugged.. she is graceful.. Perfectly matched partners.. Mature and grown up tonight.. No giggles, an unblinking stare tonight.. No resistance, a heated smirk tonight.. 

But tonight is not the night.. For she has to walk away.. Even though his longing eyes plead for her to stay..

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