Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Dhak dhak

A wonderful gift by that roommate of mine I keep mentioning in my posts.. only problem.. why does she have to be so good at everything she does!

Hey Devi Maiya she said, trying to hold her dupatta from flying away. A little farther away he stood, watching intently, her every move. Even he did not know how and when he stopped writing that email of his and got caught in this reverie. She had that effect on him and it made him angry. How could this crazy girl have this hold over him. He was Arnav Singh Raizada, the man of steel or "Arnabji" as she called him. And there she stood, Khushi Kumari Gupta, the reason for his torn soul, completely oblivious to what she was doing to him. He felt envious of the wind that caressed her hair, her dupatta that stubbornly kept touching her face. The girl who had kept falling in his arms a countless times, who took his breath.. No, that was a dangerous line of thought. He tried to get a grip over himself, tried to think about things he did not like about her. Yes, that would work. How she chattered endlessly, how she messed things up, how she would talk with her lips quivering. That perfect asymmetry lit up his world as they formed a familiar curve. He once again longed to tuck that hair strand behind her ears. Unwittingly, he put his hands in his pocket. It wasn't there. He panicked. Checked his other pocket. Ah! there it was, her jhumki. He stole a look at it, a souvenir of their first meeting.
Amidst the flowing dupatta she felt her heart go dhak dhak. She was puzzled. He was not supposed to be here, could it be him? She sheepishly looked up and then relaxed. He wasn't around. May be the dhak dhak had nothing to do with him. May be it was just a coincidence. Oh no! spoke too soon. He suddenly materialized out of the thin air, or so it seemed to her. There she was caught between the stubborn dupatta and her dil that was all ready to give her away. She was sure he had heard it too. "Ab kya hoga, humein dekh ke Arnabji phir se naraj ho jaenge. Kya karein? ek kaam karte hain dupatte ke piche chup jate hain". She felt the gust. There was complete silence. "Chale gaye lagta hai". She peeked above the chiffon shield.

Dhakdhak-dhakdhak-dhak-dhak------. She stared back into the depths of his eyes. He watched her shy, hesitant demeanor in a trance-like state. He came closer and she shut her eyes.

His hand lifted up to her face,
to pull the twig out of the luscious maze;
His fingers slightly brushed her cheeks,
pagal she then bit her lips,
That was the lethal blow,
No way would his feelings now slow;

The moment came to a halt,
It was hardly his fault;
He traced her neck,
He had gone too far but what the heck,

She was worth taking risk for,
Fearlessly he went for the silk dor;
It was not any childish whim,
He could in this moment forever swim;

No longer could she stand his blaze,
She stood melting under the unnerving gaze,
Celebrating the triumph, his lip,
drank her in sip by sip,
she was too waiting and eager,
She was in him, he was in her,
Forever and ever.

He felt her push and the spell was broken. He was taken aback for the dream felt so real. Ghabrake she ran away leaving him on his own. With the dream still lingering on his mind, waiting for may be some other time, he wrote:

i can remember you in a clouded haze... 
your lips and that lingering gaze..
those winter nights with passionate blaze...

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