Monday, June 9, 2014

Books, Technology, Confusion, Smiles, among other things

Aarwen sat across the table from Lazywiz's bhaiya. They were having lunch in a restaurant. Not his bhaiya actually , more like his IIT prep teacher, mentor, guide, friend. Bhaiya asked her multiplication tables. 7*4, 12*6, 8*9. The questions are hazy , but her answers were definitely correct. She was proud of herself.

Aarwen was packing her mother-in-law's suitcase. Her mother-in-law is a Hindi professor. Suddenly Aarwen was asked , "Can you recite the Hindi alphabets?" "क ख ग  घ.... " Aarwen recited the entire Hindi varnamala.. She was so proud of herself..

Aarwen was logged in on gmail. She got a message from Lazywiz's ex colleague. He wanted help with Android development. "How do you fix the service to interact with the receiver? And what about the layout? Can you add a button and a scroll bar? Have you worked with Google APIs?" She had an answer for all questions. She really was thankful this time that she knew enough..

I met the same colleague yesterday. And just when I have been thinking I am ready to give up being a software developer I realize this is part of my identity. I loved being able to talk tech stuff. I feel thrilled when my code runs, when I solve a problem. That I like sitting at my desk and doing work, staring out of the office window savouring the amazing view and refreshing IF a few times even on the most insanely busy days. That me and my husband work for the same company and it is so much fun. Very very interesting reminder...

Aarwen, Lazywiz, his uncle and aunt sat together. Lazywiz boasted.. "Ask her about any classic book. She has read it. I can bet on it." The uncle mentioned Kahlil Gibran. She had not read him. He looked a little evilly (or so I exaggerate) delighted and mentioned Albert Camus. She shook her head full of poise (or atleast I hope she was poised). As they walked out Lazywiz said, "Am willing to pay the bet money this time and whenever next as well, because I still think she is the most well read person I have met. You should hear her talk about the books and the discussions we have."

I watched you as you said that today. I was sad I hadn't been able to meet up to your expectation. But I was happy and really touched you feel this way about me. Also I was laughing at life. We get complacent and luckily it does not last for long. I wasn't as upset about not being able to say "Yes I have read that and that too. And by the way have you read this?". In my defence (and since this is my space I have the freedom of presenting my defence) we were betting more about fiction and younger adult classics. Still I think I will go read these two books. Instead am feeling quite grown up that my ego isn't hurt too much as I guess it would have been some time back. 

And this post would have been perhaps more broody if it wasn't for a lovely surprise from my ex-roomate. We have danced and twirled on a Barbie song in our shared hostel room.. "you are just like me , I am just like you..". As a surprise she made me an edit of my favourite Arnav and Khushi.. The smile hasn't left my face.. Am sitting next to the same uncle watching a horror movie happily (or as happy as you can be when being forced to endure the torture of a horror movie) and typing away on my blog..  The actual surprise is you get the nicest of experiences in the most surprising of times. All you need to do is observe the moments..

"Life isn't measured by the number of breadths you take..
                 but the moments that take your breadth away.."

I actually had three today.. I stood in the Stanford campus.. One special person in this big wide world is ready to bet on me.. and a friend gave me a surprise gift I absolutely love.. What a lovely day..

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