Monday, June 9, 2014

My very first VM

First I don't know what VM stands for.. leaving space for a blushing smiley face..

Second again thanks to my inspiring blaster friends I even thought of doing this.. what fun.. but so time consuming..

Third just as music soared high she smiled delightedly, he smiled tenderly. Both were bathed in a warm honeyed glow of a single firefly. I covertly watched sideways and saw you break into an awestruck smile.. Do you even know what your one smile does to encourage me?

"Kehne de taaro ko kahaani ankahi..
                     Na ja abhi..
 Pyaar ki ye raat hai..
                   Ab na jaa..
Choti si ye baat hai..
                   Ab na jaa..
Pal do pal ka sath hai..
                   Ab na jaa..
Jaadu si ye raat hai..
                  Ab na jaa.."

I love the original video as well.. I wanted to sit silently staring at the sky this way with my feet lightly dipped in the water below.. wanted to look this simple and lovely in a flowy skirt.. and of course wanted to twirl under the cover of those tall green trees in reckless abandon..

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