Sunday, June 29, 2014

Shahrukh Khan and Barun Sobti

Am laughing that I am making a post about him, but am going to go ahead with it either way. 

Today Indi di's philosophical comment got me thinking. Why couldn't we have rabba ve (a song played in IPK synonymous to love) all life long? I signed in relief and thought, "so some people out there do think like me". Nupur and I have also had these conversations a number of lazy mornings in our hostel room or been completed distracted by such musings when we should have been revising for our exams. I want to tell someone, "look I have friends who think like me". 

So back to Shahrukh Khan, watching whom always transports me to a world full of love. So many people I know make fun of his movies, him. But his movies always make me happy. More than that I know I can put on his movie on our television and dadiji, nani everyone will be entertained. So I watch his films and enjoy it. 

And to prove my point, I am adding the last few minutes of Jab Tak Hain Jaan. One of my less favourite love story movies of Shahrukh. And yet the last few minutes and some scenes in the middle were wonderful.

And I can't end without mentioning Barun Sobti (IPK hero). Did you notice how Shahrukh grabbed on to Meera's hair. Well I know another actor who does that grabbing onto hair stuff absolutely brilliantly. I hope he gets a chance to make good films. I want to see him act because it makes me happy, just like how Shahrukh's films bring a smile on my face. I do think Barun is a great actor. There are pages and pages on our forum and elsewhere about his acting talent. Hope he gets a chance to showcase it. Can't wait to smile throughout a three hour movie watching him in it. And then get a chance to share that bliss and excitement with my friends. Touch wood.

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