Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Am back home. 2 people whose comments matter a lot have said they like what I write here. I met a real live actual CIA agent yesterday who without breaking into a smile continued seriously talking while uttering the words 'Covert Operation'. 
LazyWiz got to try out google glasses. Three plants or rather the only three flowering plants in my garden have flowers blooming. A week away from Seattle I have realized whatever everyone may say I love the cloudy weather of this town. All this definitely calls for a happy post. 

A while back when I was in a phase where I had almost given up reading, a school friend of mine (yes that is 1 out of the 2 school friends I still have and want to keep) told me she was reading Twilight. I vaguely recollected seeing a black covered book with a crimson colored object on the front cover whichever bookstore my husband and I would step into. Considering my general aversion to anything that other people recommend or go crazy over, I immediately ignored the statement and conveniently forgot all about it.

My mother and my sister-in-law were visiting at the same time while we lived in Bangalore. My husband brought 2 dvds for us to watch. Really bad print , but he thought I would like the movie. It had vampires in it, you see. Within minutes the other two females in the house were fast asleep. I couldn't sleep I had mehendi on my hands. So we continued to watch, as slowly and surely I got mesmerized with everything on screen. 

**Twilight series spoilers Ahead**

Stephanie Meyer, the author, mentioned in an interview that the characters came to her in a dream as they sat talking to each other in a meadow. She had to start writing a story about them. It turned out to be a series of 4 books. Made into 5 movies.

Isabella, or simply Bella. She spent her life with a vague feeling she did not belong. Acted mature and responsible for her mother. Loves to read. Fell and hurt herself all the time. Hated blood. Saw him for the first time. His face had a snarl. Those black eyes were lethal. 

Edward. He spent endless years existing. A vegetarian. Knew what everyone was thinking. He had no idea what she thought. He had no idea why her blood sang to him like nothing ever had before. He had no idea why she looked delectable, in a totally different way than expected, in blue. And he had no idea why he could not stay away.

He thought he was not the good guy. She did not really care. He tells her to stay away. there was no way she was going to be able to stay away. The word irrevocably got added to my vocabulary as I fell in love with this love story of the sick masochistic lion and the stupid lamb. One of the main reasons I loved the idea of moving to Seattle. Forks is close by. 

Men are sometimes strange when they get protective. And so he decided to walk away. She was exactly how rare women are most of the time. Dead, lifeless without her man. An unexpected friend became a lifeline. The friend was not to be a major character, but Stephanie mentioned he sort of forced himself to become who he ended up being. Surprising that Indi di says the exact same think about her Arnav and Khushi when writing her fanfiction about them. And so the friend was the bright warm sun in her cold listless life. Still she longed for the one missing. A young high school girl, whose life was at a standstill. It happens. You go crazy in love. That is the very nature of love.

If she dies, he dies. Love did not let either die. A tough choice she had to be make. You learn the most important lessons of life in the silliest of places. Someone told me they had uttered the words I love you to two different people. And still wanted to spend their life with one of them. I understood and joked about 'imprinting' all thanks to this book about shiny sparkly vampires.

A most beautiful wedding and the promise of forever. A giggly honeymoon in the most exotic location. A bed broke here too just like in my favourite show (IPK, and if you don't know that name yet, you haven't been paying attention to my blog). A child. Someone who never thought of being a mother was ready to die for the life growing within her. The life killing her from within. 

Another important lesson. Maybe if we prepare enough we can withstand anything. She could control her hunger. The only kind of hunger she had no control over stemmed from the most primitive purest of desire. She remained who she was. Grew more powerful. Love does that to you. The friend got his happy ending too.

I got a bday cake with a twilight scene on it. And at the very same time every day I get a message on my phone. "Just remembered. I love you. You are my favourite brand of heroin".  People make fun of the books, movies. They miss out on a most beautiful love story.  If they can see two people in this scene and remain unaffected, sometimes I wonder if vampires are the only cold blooded ones.

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