Sunday, June 15, 2014

Recipe for Pickles

If someone told me I would make homemade pickles one day I would not have believed him. Turns out that is exactly what I did today. 

We can never be just one thing right? When I think I want to not go to office I realize I like the freedom of office. I like my work. When I want to only sit on my laptop I realize it was a fun day because I made pickles.. haha amusing life..

1. Hari Mirch ka achaar (Green chilli pickle)

Saunf (first roasted then ground) , Red chilli powder, Rai (ground), Khatai (Aamchur), Salt to taste (never thought I would say this..hehehe), Mustard Oil.

Slit the chilli along its length and fill in the spice. Leave in a glass jar  (preferably) for a few days.

Tadaaa.. it really is easy..

2. Nimbu ka achaar (Lime pickle)

Saunf ( first roasted then ground, but less in quantity than used for the mirchi achaar above), Red chilli powder, Salt to taste (saying this is still thrilling me)

Cut the green limes (preferably thin skinned and juicy) into a flower shape with 8 petals all attached to the base and fill in the spice.  Leave in a glass jar  (preferably) for around 10 days.

3. Meetha Aam ka achaar (Sweet mango pickle)

Saunf ( first roasted then ground), Red chilli powder, Sugar (or gur), Mangrael (Onion seeds),  Salt to taste (the novelty just doesn't wear out)

Skin a greenish yellow mango and cut into pieces. Wrap in the spices and leave for a day. When the sugar turns watery you can cook the mixture on slow flame and place into a glass jar for a few days. Also tasted pretty good when eaten immediately after applying the spices.

4.  Mango pickle

Saunf ( first roasted then ground), Red chilli powder, Mangrael (Onion seeds), Rai (ground), Turmeric (pinch of it),  Mustard Oil, Salt to taste (after all these days amazingly this still thrills)

Skin a green mango and cut into pieces. If the mango is yellowish it may not be tangy enough for this recipe. Wrap in the spices. Leave in a glass jar (preferably) for around 3-5 days in the sun. Shake the jar a couple of times a day to coat the mango pieces with the spice mix. 

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