Sunday, June 29, 2014

Enjoying boredom

Niyati (one of those five college friends I keep mentioning) sparked of this post. She labeled a picture she shared "happiness is enjoying boredom". 

Sometimes when I am in the company of people I get extremely bored these days. Usually when I am alone (my husband with me counts as me alone) I hardly ever get bored. 

I asked him the other day, while I did some sweeping and swabbing, "What do people think off in their head when they are doing work?". Because usually your mind can be free to think. His insightful thought was that if you can concentrate only on that moment.. the playing out of what is happening this very instant.. now.. then it is a form of meditation.. mindfulness. What we try to attain through regulated breathing is to clear the mind of thoughts and bring awareness in the body. If you can be fully aware of your entire being at any particular moment or alternatively lose yourself while doing something at that precise moment then you reach that heightened state which is meditation in a way.

Our mind is a storehouse of possibilities.  As we go through life we sometimes forget to let our minds talk or our hearts feel. Some lucky days I sit barefoot on the grass in my garden and feel the tender blades of grass under my feet. Feel the dew drop as I walk across a patch of wet grass. Shiver as the temperature drops slightly just as those wispy clouds move over and screen the overhead sun partly. Let the scent of the flowers reach my not at all keen nose. I see the small ant carrying that invisible piece of food with him. The breeze blows and trees rustle. Some black birds fly out of the nearby dense green shrub and land on the cable wire that crosses just behind my yard. I close my eyes and the tingling melody of wind chimes falls on my ears. A shadow flits across the far off window. Faraway a car engine revs up. Close by a yellow petal lazily falls to the ground. The first drop of rain splatter on my phone screen and I gather it up to move back inside. The jarring noise of the neighbor's lawn mower disturbs me. Was I getting bored? Who can blame me to not want any company?

Yesterday while we drove and I drowsily slouched in the back seat of our car a song played on the car stereo. I found myself smiling. Really if you can talk to yourself who has time to get bored? If you can find freedom in your thoughts there is no stopping you. If you get inspired from within, you will soon meet a new you. In fact an extremely happy you.

This is the song that played. It is from a very nice movie. Udaan.. Flight.. 

Subah ki kirno ko roke jo salaakhein hai kaha
Jo khayalon pe paheren daalein wo aakhein hai kaha

The morning rays.. Where can there be bars that stop them..
Imagination.. Which eyes can stop this flight..

**Udaan movie last scene spoiler Alert**

If you are lucky you will get to have a happy boring day.. I know I desperately long to have one..

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